Lessons in how to successfully play the game of life

How is it some people effortlessly rise above the shit show that is life?
They refuse to give up
or give in!


Bestselling author Sonia Williams announces the worldwide release of her inspiring fifth book, “Refuse to Lose.” The book teaches everyday people how, like her they can survive and succeed in life even though they may face a multitude of terrible injustices. “Even when circumstances seem bleak and all hope is lost …  it’s not! With the right mindset, you too can survive and thrive” says the author.

In Refuse to Lose, Williams describes her own set of diabolical challenges. Williams has found strength to rise above adversity with great courage that many people can look up too for inspiration on how they too can succeed when facing hard times. Williams points out how society is often misled by the guidance of celebrities, social media and icons. Society needs more realistic, practical role models who can show how to successfully rise above and conquer life’s challenges. “Down here, on the street, everyday people have an opportunity to train their mindset, build resilience and fortify their inner strength through the mantra ‘Refuse to Lose’, says Williams. “Its time to cut the crap” states Williams.

“Refuse to Lose” a riveting read, offering practical advice based on real-life struggles, backed by published scientific and psychological studies. Williams who delights in the association as an everyday, average Aussie, has found a way to successfully persevere through, even when the odds were stacked against her. She has survived a dysfunctional family, an alcoholic father, fought for her career in finance, survived sexual assault, estrangement from her family, infertility PCOS, an affair, business success and failures, twenty three operations to cure endometriosis (a leading disease that affects 1 in 10 women), she has endured a further five operations on her spine, fought addiction to pharmaceutical painkillers, anxiety, depression and many more challenges. Williams long list of tragic and challenging struggles is enough to make a person curl up in the foetal position and cry, but instead through it all, she developed and applied her mantra, a steadfast belief; She out right Refused to Lose.

Through her personal recollections William’s empowers her audience. Her raw, unadulterated honesty is refreshingly rare and admirable. She wholeheartedly proves you do not need the power of celebrity status, nor do you need to emulate sporting personalities or follow the cherry picked advice of influencers / social media darlings in order to successfully overcome the challenges in your life. Williams shows her readers how everyday people just like her are out there successfully surviving the jungle of life, with the one mantra, ‘Refuse to Lose’. Williams provides hope and empowerment, she teaches resilience and fortitude arming her readers with the crucial knowledge and determination to help them overcome their own struggles.

Williams is a bestselling author, business owner, public speaker, a mum, founder of the Endometriosis Foundation and practicing street psychologist. She is determined to build emotional resilience and mental fortitude one person at a time.

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