About Sonia Williams

Sonia Williams, founder of The Endometriosis Foundation, is a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, qualified Certified Practicing Accountant CPA. Sonia’s series of business books have helped countless people, break through the fear of starting their own business. Sonia’s latest release, Refuse to Lose, a personal account explaining how you can better manage your mindset to get what you want from this life, is written with her unmistakable inimitable sass, down-to-earth humor, and blunt practicality.

The refreshingly unique difference between Sonia and other authors who write on building resilience, strength and mental fortitude, Sonia’s experiences are based on her hard-fought struggles, from surviving her father’s alcoholism, her parents subsequent split, sexual assault, marriage betrayal, infertility, acceptance into university whilst academically challenged, qualifying as a CPA, battling endometriosis, undergoing 27 serious surgeries, including spinal surgery, addiction to pharmaceutical pain killers, anxiety, reclaiming her health, starting several businesses, including the failure of one during the GFC and her battle with menopause at 40.

Unlike self-help books authored by athletics, retired military personnel, celebrities whose achievements seem disproportionate to our own, Sonia is no different to you or me. Sonia represents 90% of the main stream population, which is why her advice is real and relatable. In Refuse to Lose Sonia shares the raw and emotional lessons she has learned, backed with fascinating scientific and psychological research sourced from studies around the world.

Sonia’s grit and determination throughout her struggles has contributed to her irreverent, tough-love, in-your-face approach to life. Her no frills, direct approach represents a new wave of personal empowerment, mindset mastery.

Readers of Refuse to Lose claim Sonia’s direction has been the catalyst for, discovering how they too can tap into the greatest human strength, their mind power.

“It all begins with one simple step, you make a choice” Sonia Williams