Refuse to Lose

Lessons in how to successfully play the game of life

I refuse, to allow cancer to take my hope!

Today I want to post a video I created this time last year when Covid first hit the world. I created the video because I could feel the world loose hope as the virus spread like an Australian wild fire. Today I am re-posting the video, because today my family received my mother’s diagnosis. And it feels like another C word, Cancer has drained my family of hope,.

I am at the fork in the road. I could easily go down the path of feeling sorry for myself, this is the third time cancer has hit my family, my father and father in law passed away from cancer. I could get angry, fuck life, this is bullshit, I don’t deserve. Instead, as my mother faces the biggest battle of her life, going round for round with lung cancer, I have made the choice to choose Hope! I refuse to take the other path, I am better than that, I will not let cancer beat me down, and take away the joy and happiness I share with my mother.

When life deals you a shit hand, you have a choice. For me, I refuse to sit back, a bystander and feel sorry for myself. Instead I am going to roll up my sleeves, put my gloves on and prepare to do battle, side by side with my  mum, I am going to summon all the hope and fight, to support my mum so we can beat this insidious disease.

Don’t ever forget, you have a choice. If you’re facing struggles in your own life, choose hope, summon the courage and strength and place it in hope, faith that you will make it through, because you will, you have too, because in the end, no one is coming to save you, only you can save yourself.

I hope you enjoy the clip 😊

Give in to hope – Refuse to give in to anything else !

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