Refuse to Lose

Lessons in how to successfully play the game of life

The Self Help Vortex

There is a psychological trap, that is so well hidden we have no idea its sabotaging our efforts to simply survive the jungle of life. Its fueled by the self-help movement, the more we try to find, utopia, whatever that is for you, peace, happiness, love the more we suffer. Sadly, for many people they have no idea they are caught in a vortex of personal development, they swirl around and around, desperately seeking a solution to problems, sometimes where no problems actually exist.  It like a dog chasing their tail, continually controlled by the desire to experience the end goal.

I have no doubt, the self-help industry, means well. But their only making things worse. Its self-perpetuating and the only ones to profit are the self-help gurus, who’ve insisted you’ll find that elusive resolution, if you only visualize it, create some fucken whacky story board, or drink some gross connotation to cleanse your evil sole. Why is it the industry grew by %, if the solution is as easy, and as readily available as these gurus have us believe. The real answer lies in the fact that maybe the resolution is within you and all you have to do is actually choose, persist and stick with your choice. Whoa, wait a moment it’s that simple – yes as a matter of fact it is, make a choice and bloody stick to it. If you want to lose weight, start a business, resolve family conflict, get over an ex-lover, start a new relationship, whatever it is, STOP MAKING FREAKING EXCUSES AND GET ON WITH IT. Stop wasting time, going from one self-help guru to another. 

It’s not like life is a stage rehearsal, you have one shot at the title. Seriously you know what you need to do, at the heart of most issues people know what they need to do, what they don’t want to do is make the choices they know they need to make. Which raises the question, how do you motivate someone to act? And that is the answer everyone is looking for, how do I stop eating bad food, how do get myself to exercise more, get over a broken heart, fix my financial woes.  If you are turning to self-help to work this shit out, then stop your wasting your precious time. It is only YOU who can do the doing, and as I will repeat many times over and over, NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE YOU, this shit is all on you.

Sure, the self-help movement might provide you with a momentary flash of inspiration to act, but ultimately who keeps you accountable? That work, is all on you. Once you’ve read the gurus book of seven steps to a better you, or listened to the pod cast, had your fill of inspirational quotes, visualization, who is ultimately responsible for the implementation?

That’s right, YOU. Refuse to lose!, Make the tough decisions and get on with life!

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