Refuse to Lose

Lessons in how to successfully play the game of life

What does success look like?

We all want to be successful. No one aspires to suck. So what does success look like, what the fuck is success?

Is success when you can say you own 5 properties like your some hard arse contender in the game of monopoly.

Is success when you can drive yourself around in some European labelled car.

Is success, some high powered career where you work sweat shop hours 60, 80 hour week, in exchange for your bosses praise, only you pass your partner like ships in the night or your kid calls the nanny mommy or daddy.

Or maybe you think success is about wearing designer threads, with the logos blazoned across the front so all the other dumb arses out there know, you’re the rich prick who’s stupid enough to pay $200 for a t-shirt, that self-promotes the brands name. 

Or is success defined by the number of followers who’ve signed up to your posts, nameless, faceless people you’ll never know, have merely served to elevate your ego.

Success is not about materialism, success is not predicated on the dumb shit you buy to impress the people, who don’t care about you, the people you don’t even know, or will never know. Success does not belong to those beautiful people, manicured to an inch of their lives, so they can shine in their tick tock, insta, pintrest bubbles.

Success belongs to those people who go after what they want from life, who get kicked to the mother fucking curb, time and time again in their pursuit, knocked down in the arena of life, and yet they spring back up, like the proverbial Jack in the box.

Success is a status reserved for those who know what they want, they go after what they want with vengeance, with determination, with single bloody mindlessness, …  why because nothing else matters but the achievement of their dream. Success is a title for those people who show up, they summon courage from deep within, to step back into that ring, having had the shit kicked out of them, failure after failure. With gloves drawn, bruised and battered but ready to fight another round. That’s success.

You see people success is not about what you fucken own or creating the picture perfect image, a version 2.0 of yourself in the hope, that dear god some mother fucker out there will like you. Success is a choice, it’s about refusing to loose. Going after what you want from life, stepping outside your comfort zone, getting uncomfortable with failure, digging deep to draw on your resilience. And it all starts with one freaken choice.  Life is not a dress rehearsal, find what you are passionate about, and go after it. Do not give up when the going gets hard. Everyone can be successful but it’s a choice. What choice are you going to make.

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